Jul 29, 2010

WA: Independent Takes on Democrats in Race for State House

From the Seattle Times:

The only independent in a race dominated by what he calls "dyed-in-the-wool Democrats," Geoffrey "Mac" McElroy, 46, wanted to give 34th District voters more diversity in political views. And so he has: Though he is socially liberal and takes the same stance as his opponents on several major issues, he considers himself more fiscally conservative, opposing a high-earners' income tax and supporting the privatization of liquor sales.
McElroy is himself a liquor purveyor: He owns the Triangle Pub in White Center, and as such, he's a fierce protector of small businesses. "Small businesses are the backbone of this state's economy," McElroy said. "They directly provide employment and an increased tax base, which means we have more money to pay for things."
McElroy also supports expanding public transportation, as long as all modes of transportation are connected and under the same authority's purview. He said light rail was a great idea but there wasn't enough planning, including coordinating stop locations with the King County Metro bus system or analyzing where stops should best be placed.
"The light rail drops you off a quarter mile from the airport!" he said. McElroy's campaign funds come almost entirely from small businesses in the 34th District, with the exception of Commerce Bridge in Bellevue. He's reported raising more than $5,000 in contributions.

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