Mar 22, 2011

FL: Libertarian AMA at Reddit

'Engine of the World' writes at Reddit: "IAmA Libertarian Party Member running for State Chairman in Florida. AMAA."  According to its 'About' page,  Engine of the World is the website of Austin Parris who describes himself as "a registered Libertarian Party member residing in the State of Florida (home of beaches, sunshine, and butterfly ballots)," adding, "I am formerly a candidate here as well, having run for state house in 2008-09."

In an "IAmA" post at Reddit, an individual describes who they are and offers to answer any question from the Reddit community, "AMA" denoting "ask me anything." Currently the "best" rated comment for Parris is from themookish:

Floridian and active in politics here. How do you plan on getting your third party involved in politics on the state level? Will you put your efforts into getting independent libertarians elected to state house and senate seats, or were you going to go the bigger picture route with Governor & US races?
Engine of the World answers:
Myself and the three other candidates for the seat will be having a debate on Alexander Snitker's radio show "Liberty Underground" on Friday at 9am. The questions have already been submitted, and here is my answer that I have right now.

a. First things first: We need a structured organization and action plan that said organization will implement. I will say that it is not a one-person responsibility, and that we must all be responsible for our part in achieving growth. I think the first thing that needs to happen is that we structure the organization in a way that everyone has a clear, defined role with minimal overlap so that we are efficiently using resources. We all have talents we can bring the table and I want to optimally use those talents to the highest effect possible. Second, if you refer to my website,, I lay out my general plan TUSC, which stands for “Testify, Unify, Simplify, Clarify.” Essentially, working from right to left, it means that we have to be able to Testify a Unified, Simplified, and Clarified message that every member of the ideology can embrace and easily promote.
TL;DR We have some work to do.
Alexander Snitker was the Libertarian Party candidate for US Senate in 2010.  See also Liberty Underground for the radio show, and the full post at Reddit.

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