Jan 28, 2010

CA: Marin County Libertarians Make Ballot Access Push

California's Marin County Libertarian Party is making a push to get as many candidates on the ballot as possible in their 2010 petition drive:
Great news!  There are Libertarian candidates for the 2010 election in your district plus two statewide candidates and they need your signature to run for office.  There are ways to get your signature on a Libertarian candidate’s petition – 1. Attend a signing event this Monday February 1 @ 6-8PM at the Round Table Pizza in San Anselmo Red Hill Shopping Center  2. We will mail you a petition with a stamped envelope to be mailed back to us with your signature if you e-mail us at Marinlp@yahoo.com or allisande_keating@yahoo.com.

Please support the welfare of this country by supporting liberty minded individuals that want to see less government and more freedom.  Contact a Libertarian candidate to help the Libertarian presence this election.  There has never been a more ready moment in our entire lives than right now. Get involved.
Candidate list after the jump.
Congress District 1 – Mike Rodrigues (of Napa)
Congress District 6 – Joel Smolen (of San Rafael)
Senate District 2 – Thomas Ahern (of Santa Rosa) 
Assembly District 1 – not filled yet
Assembly District 6 – Sandy Keating (of Corte Madera)
Assembly District 7 – Kate Moore (of Santa Rosa) 
Assembly District 8 – Robert Huffman (of Davis)
Attorney General – Tim Hannan
Sec. of State – Christina Tobin

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