Mar 21, 2020

The Coronavirus Explained

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Nov 29, 2012

Third Party and Independent Daily discontinued

Unfortunately, this news blog has become inactive and I have been unable to get in touch with the Owner/Administrator in order to redo, or simply close it.
Therefore, anyone who ventures on here should be informed that this blog is now defunct and non-operational.

Oct 24, 2011

Status Update and an Invitation to Third Party Independent

As visitors have surely noticed, posting here at Third Party & Independent Daily has become very sparse in recent months.  One of the main reasons for this is that I have been working on a new print project and website: Third Party Independent

The first and second print issues of Third Party Independent are online, the third is in the works, and the website is up and running.  The site is set up as an open community blogging platform like those that are common in the Republican and Democratic blogosphere.  My hope is that creating a space and forum where Independents and third party supporters from across the political spectrum can gather en masse to share ideas and discuss current events will help to facilitate the growth and development of the independent and third party movement, and provide us with more visibility on the web.  A fair number of people have already joined the site, but very few are posting there as of yet.  Today, I'd like to extend an invitation to friends, readers and allies in the third party and independent blogosphere to check out the site and consider signing up as bloggers.  You can crosspost articles from your own blog(s), share snippets of news items that you think would be of interest to independents and third party supporters, or publish original content.

Please also consider linking to this post and spreading the word. 

Aside from myself, a few others have begun publishing to the site.  Among them is Liberal Arts Dude.  Long time readers may recall that LAD retired from blogging after he became Liberal Arts Dad, but the new site and the energy of Occupy Wall Street have lured him back into the blogosphere.  Be sure to check out his recent posts there, beginning with his first, entitled, "How #Occupy Wall Street Gave Me My Groove Back." 

Aug 20, 2011

A Time for Change

From The South End:
As a country, the populous have surrendered to the notion that they have only two real choices on election day: vote for the bleeding hearts on the left who seem to think that our monetary resources are infinite, and who spend this imaginary money on social programs that, for better or worse, make government a bigger part of our lives; or you can vote for the scowling old vultures on the right who were mostly raised in privileged homes, think that governmental aid is for the weak and useless, and who generally make it a top priority to ruin every body’s good time.

What’s depressing is the fact that people you talk to everyday, from all walks of life, seem to be dissatisfied with the leaders they put in power, knowing full well that there are a multitude of alternatives.

It’s time to give a third party — any third party — a chance to alter the course of our nation. The two-party system in the U.S. is outdated, has outgrown its usefulness to the citizenry and has stagnated and even reversed our progress as a superpower.

Aug 19, 2011

NH: Republican Under Attack for Signing Libertarian Party Petition

From Ballot Access News:
According to this story, New Hampshire Republican Party state chairman Jack Kimball is being threatened with removal, just because he signed the petition to put the Libertarian Party on the ballot in 2012. The attackers are confusing signing a ballot access petition for a newly-qualifying party with an endorsement of that newly-qualifying party. 
It is also possible that the attackers aren't confusing anything, and are simply enemies of political freedom and independence as so many partisans of the major parties are. 

Aug 17, 2011

TX Flashback: Four-Way Race for Governor in 2006

In a post pondering Rick Perry's Electability, Nate Silver looks back over his record, and notes as an aside the "complicated four way race" for Texas governor in 2006.  Excerpt:
In 2002, for example, when Mr. Perry was elected to his first full term after succeeding George W. Bush, his margin of victory was 18 percentage points. That holds up pretty well against other Republican candidates for statewide office that year (excluding those who did not draw a Democratic challenger), who won by an average of 15 percentage points. . . .

Mr. Perry’s performance in 2006 was much more tenuous: he was re-elected with just 39 percent of the vote in a complicated, four-way race. Even if we ignore that and instead look at Mr. Perry’s nine-point margin of victory over his nearest rival, Chris Bell, a Democrat, it compares unfavroably to other Republicans on the ballot that year, who won by an average of 15 points. 
Perry was elected in a four-way race with 39% of the vote. Democrat Chris Bell came in second with 29%, and was followed by two Independents,  Carole Keeton Strayhorn (18%) and Kinky Friedman (12%).

Aug 15, 2011

Greens Oppose Police State Tactics

From the Philadelphia Weekly Press:
During 2005, Philadelphia’s police made 102,319 pedestrian stops. When Michael Nutter became Mayor of Philadelphia in 2008, he ordered an increase in pedestrian stops under a policy commonly called "Stop-and-Frisk." By 2009, pedestrian stops by police had increased 148 percent to 253,333. Of that total, 72 percent of the victims were African Americans, but only 8 percent of those pedestrian stops resulted in an arrest.

I, for one, would like to know what we should call the other 92 percent of those pedestrian stops. Were those 233,066 citizens "harassed by the police?" Were they "intimidated by the police?" Or should we say, "Their rights under the U.S. Constitution were violated?"

The Green Party has a history of opposition to stop-and-frisk. Under the heading "Racial Discrimination," the Green Party national platform says, "We condemn the practice of racial profiling by law enforcement agencies, which are guilty of stopping motorists, harassing individuals, or using unwarranted violence against suspects with no other justification than race or ethnic background."

At a Philadelphia City Council hearing on December 14, 2010, Green Party leader Hugh Giordano, who had run for PA House of Representatives, made it clear that stop-and-frisk targets, urban, minority and young citizens. "This law is a form of Jim Crow law," said Giordano, referring to discriminatory laws used to maintain segregation of the races. "It attacks a certain group of people, and the numbers and testimony shows it." Giordano also criticized Philadelphia’s City Council for allowing stop-and-frisk to continue unabated.

Green Party Candidates Across the US in 2011

From Green Party Watch:
2011 may not be a big year for federal elections, but it is an excellent year for Green Party supporters around the US to pitch in and lend a hand to the intrepid Green candidates who are running for offices big and small. Here is a list (alphabetical by state)  of some of the Green candidates who have declared campaigns in 2011. If you know of more Green campaigns in upcoming elections, or if you notice anything wrong with the information here, we’d love to hear about it in the comments . . .

Aug 9, 2011

Third Party Independent: Building Independent Media

As some of you are already aware, last month I launched a newspaper in New York City devoted entirely to third party and independent political news and views: Third Party Independent.  The paper was conceived as a print companion to Third Party and Independent Daily, and is intended to raise awareness of alternatives to the Democrats and Republicans, while providing another media platform for third party and independent advocates to have our voices heard above the duopolist din.  The first issue hit the streets the week of Independence Day, with eleven articles by nine authors from across the third party and independent blogosphere.  I would like, once again, to thank all the contributors to the first issue! The second issue is already in the works and should be available in the next week or so.

The main reason why I have not yet mentioned the paper very much online, if at all, is because the website is still under construction.  However, aside from some minor cosmetic tweaks that are still necessary, all the basic functionality is there, and the layout is pretty much set.  The site is set up to be an open community blogging platform for third party and independent activists.  Anyone can sign up and start publishing.  So far as I'm aware, though there are numerous such sites for Democrats, Republicans, progressives and conservatives – the most well known being Daily Kos and Red State – there is no such site on the web for third party and independent activists across the political spectrum.

Though the website, at this point, is still a work in progress, I would like to extend an invitation to readers to head over to Third Party Independent, look around a bit, check out the first issue of the newspaper, and, if you're so inclined, sign up for a free account and publish a couple test posts to the site.  Any and all feedback, comments and suggestions are more than welcome!  Indeed, it will be crucial to build the site into a vibrant community dedicated to escaping the dead end and breaking the deadlock that is Republican-Democrat party politics.   

The Lesser Evil is Still Evil

From the Constitution Party of MO:
Sadly, during every election cycle, the American voter is almost always presented with two equally bad choices, and has no other choice, but to vote for the lesser of the two evils. Often times, for a Republican, such as the lackluster phony conservative, John McCain in 2008. However, the GOP leadership, since they are out of touch with the American voter, continues to nominate neo-conservative, establishment, insider politicians, who can campaign and pander with conservative rhetoric. Once they are in office, they continue along with the Democrats to further the globalist, insider agenda. The Republicans are just as much at fault as the Democrats.

Americans, especially in the conservative/constitutionalist, “TEA Party” movement (including me) are sick and tired of all of this “business as usual” politics of Democrats versus Republicans, where one or the other is the lesser of the two evils or equally evil. As the Democrats and Republicans have become more and more similar over the past several years (in other words, Liberal, Leftist, straying away from the Constitution, or simply, just disregarding it completely), this leaves the American voter with no other options, leaving them hopeless and without a voice that can really be heard. However, there still is hope, and there still is a voice for the American voter, The Constitution Party. I used to be a Republican, but quit the GOP some time in 2009 to become an official “card-carrying” member of the Constitution Party in March, 2011.

For the above mentioned reasons, the environment is right for a viable third party like the Constitution party . . . .

Aug 5, 2011

NY: Hysterical Police State Advocates and Drug War Zealots Want Mandatory Drug Testing for Teens

From CBS New York:
Assemblyman Joseph Saladino (R-Massapequa) has introduced a bill that would require parents of high school students to give their children annual drug tests.  “If they dont do it, the student would not be allowed into school,” Saladino told CBS 2′s Jennifer McLogan.  The proposal would mandate that parents administer the test and sign a statement swearing it was performed. The results wouldn’t be disclosed — not even to the school.
Is there really any difference between a police state and a nanny state?