Oct 24, 2011

Status Update and an Invitation to Third Party Independent

As visitors have surely noticed, posting here at Third Party & Independent Daily has become very sparse in recent months.  One of the main reasons for this is that I have been working on a new print project and website: Third Party Independent

The first and second print issues of Third Party Independent are online, the third is in the works, and the website is up and running.  The site is set up as an open community blogging platform like those that are common in the Republican and Democratic blogosphere.  My hope is that creating a space and forum where Independents and third party supporters from across the political spectrum can gather en masse to share ideas and discuss current events will help to facilitate the growth and development of the independent and third party movement, and provide us with more visibility on the web.  A fair number of people have already joined the site, but very few are posting there as of yet.  Today, I'd like to extend an invitation to friends, readers and allies in the third party and independent blogosphere to check out the site and consider signing up as bloggers.  You can crosspost articles from your own blog(s), share snippets of news items that you think would be of interest to independents and third party supporters, or publish original content.

Please also consider linking to this post and spreading the word. 

Aside from myself, a few others have begun publishing to the site.  Among them is Liberal Arts Dude.  Long time readers may recall that LAD retired from blogging after he became Liberal Arts Dad, but the new site and the energy of Occupy Wall Street have lured him back into the blogosphere.  Be sure to check out his recent posts there, beginning with his first, entitled, "How #Occupy Wall Street Gave Me My Groove Back." 


Benny Clark said...

I would be interested in contributing to the Third Party Independent. I run thelastcentrist.com.

I've seen you on my blog. If you'd like to have me as a contributor, you can reach me by email at thelastcentrist@gmail.com or post a comment on my blog.

Thanks, and good luck!

Anonymous said...

One of the crucial ways in which something can be done and must be done is through politics. This means direct political engagement – whether, as did Hugo, work vigorously with one’s elected representatives to help craft legislation; or to yourself run for office.

Hugo’s example shows two things: that there are people who do “get it”, who do realize that politics is a critical avenue for accomplishing a public good; and that taking such action can produce results.

It is a small example, granted that. But it’s there and there are many other such instances. Can we figure out ways to spread the word, especially among young people, that getting into politics is a critical and worthwhile step to take?

Once that step is in one’s mind, the next step is to figure out how to do it. One question is, can effective political engagement be accomplished through the two major parties? What is their record in the last few decades? Do we need a new party? Do they already exist? The answer is, of course they do. That is a subject for further blogs.