Aug 9, 2011

The Lesser Evil is Still Evil

From the Constitution Party of MO:
Sadly, during every election cycle, the American voter is almost always presented with two equally bad choices, and has no other choice, but to vote for the lesser of the two evils. Often times, for a Republican, such as the lackluster phony conservative, John McCain in 2008. However, the GOP leadership, since they are out of touch with the American voter, continues to nominate neo-conservative, establishment, insider politicians, who can campaign and pander with conservative rhetoric. Once they are in office, they continue along with the Democrats to further the globalist, insider agenda. The Republicans are just as much at fault as the Democrats.

Americans, especially in the conservative/constitutionalist, “TEA Party” movement (including me) are sick and tired of all of this “business as usual” politics of Democrats versus Republicans, where one or the other is the lesser of the two evils or equally evil. As the Democrats and Republicans have become more and more similar over the past several years (in other words, Liberal, Leftist, straying away from the Constitution, or simply, just disregarding it completely), this leaves the American voter with no other options, leaving them hopeless and without a voice that can really be heard. However, there still is hope, and there still is a voice for the American voter, The Constitution Party. I used to be a Republican, but quit the GOP some time in 2009 to become an official “card-carrying” member of the Constitution Party in March, 2011.

For the above mentioned reasons, the environment is right for a viable third party like the Constitution party . . . .

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