Feb 22, 2010

FL: Constitution Party Candidate for US Senate, Bernie De Castro

From the Constitution Party discussion forum:
Ocala, Florida - On the heels of the recent GOP win in Massachusetts, US Senate Candidate Bernie DeCastro decided to join The Constitution Party. DeCastro announced to his supporters, “After the Scott Brown victory, I knew I could no longer align myself with an unprincipled party. Once again the GOP embraces a candidate with left of center ideals. Scott Brown’s pro-choice and pro gay-marriage stance is not a victory for Constitutional Conservatives.”

While the Republican Party is busy luring Tea Party groups into its fold, the Constitution Party, America's true conservative party, continues to stress a return to the US Constitution, as the answer to our economic woes and a way to halt the rapid rise of Government control over the American people.

"I refuse to get enmeshed into the corruption of the two party systems. To continue doing the same thing and expect a different result is the definition of insanity", said DeCastro. "If you support the Constitution, you should consider joining the Constitution Party yourself," he encouraged followers in a recent newsletter.

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jsknow said...

Exactly right! WE MUST GET BACK TO THE CONSTITUTION BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE! I hope Ron Paul is elected president in 2012! He seems to be a true constitutionalist to me.