Feb 12, 2010

FL: Libertarian Primary for State House Seat

From the Seminole Chronicle:
The largest Florida House of Representatives district in Seminole County could make history in August by becoming the first third-party primary fight in the state's history.  Franklin Perez has been running for House District 33 for the last three elections. In 2006 and 2008, the Libertarian ran as a no-party-affiliation candidate, but for 2010, he announced his candidacy as a Libertarian.  That's because the law was changed in 2007, and now anyone can announce as a candidate of the party of their choosing.
That meant two things: Perez could announce his candidacy as a Libertarian party candidate without getting the nod from the party. But it also means that, because Ellen Paul announced her bid for House District 33 as well, there will now be a primary.

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