Feb 21, 2010

IL: Tea Party Observer Notes Democrats and Republicans in Coalition Against the Rest of US

From the Rockford Register Star:
I went to a tea party Saturday at Stockholm Inn. . . . Scroggins describes himself as libertarian or constitutionalist, but he’s not a member of the Libertarian Party.  “People think something is wrong with the country, and they have decided to get off the couch and get involved. I was raised in a Democrat home and was a liberal. I believed the Democrats were for the working man, and Republicans were for the rich. I started paying a little more attention to politics in the 1990s, and have come to believe that both parties weren’t doing work for the people.” I think that sums up the feeling a lot of people have: Governments at all levels don’t solve problems, they don’t listen to the voters, they just take more and more in taxes and there’s nothing average people can do about it. Government employee unions dictate the terms of their contracts, the states and the nation are in terrible debt, and people have had — it — up — to — here.

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