Mar 29, 2010

CA: Libertarian Tobin Proposes Electoral and Ballot Access Reform to Cut Government Waste

From the Market Wire a press release from the Tobin for CA Secretary of State campaign:

MILL VALLEY, CA--(Marketwire - March 29, 2010) -  Christina Tobin, Libertarian Party candidate for Secretary of State of California, today announced four plans to save Californians' tax dollars and reduce government waste. "California faces a crushing $20 billion deficit. It is imperative that every state and local government agency find ways to save taxpayer dollars in the programs it administers," stated Tobin.  Tobin's four methods for saving taxpayer dollars include: . . . Support all-mail voting . . . Allow small, qualified parties to nominate by convention, if they wish. . . . Abolish the tiny petitions for candidates seeking a place on the primary ballots for partisan office . . . Rather than requiring independent candidates obtain 173,000-plus signatures to get on the ballot, let them on the November ballot by paying a filing fee.

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