Mar 29, 2010

IL: Blogger Interviews Libertarian Candidate for Governor Lex Green

From the Beaves:
I learned a lot about this great Libertarian candidate in my reasearch of him and after hearing his answers found that while we do disagree on a few issues, we also have many common beliefs . . .

What made you join your party rather than one of the two major parties or another 3rd party?

I have always been a seeker after truth and I found the politics of the two major parties to be confusing and disingenuous. I am also headstrong and don’t like being coerced to do anything or give away something I have earned. I migrated politically over many years to the Libertarian Party, even while reserving the right to disagree with them. Eventually I realized I had found my political home.

What can be done here to end the distrust in politicians in this state
and get Illinoisans to the polls?

The problem isn’t the distrust, which I feel we should never lose. The problem is the politicians. When the primary goal is getting re-elected, truth and honesty go out the window. For this reason, I support term limits, like those in the Putback Amendment. Freed from the need to pander for votes, the politician can focus on standing on his/her principles. Think of holding office as you would jury duty. You go do your duty with honor and dignity and then go back to your plow, wrench or pen.
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