Mar 12, 2010

Legal Fight over Ballot Wording For California's Proposition 14 "Top Two" Open Primary Referendum

Sacramento Superior Court Judge Allen Sumner is expected to rule today on the ballot language for Prop 14. Leading independent Attorney Harry Kresky speaks out on the legal fight over the “top two” open primaries referendum:
“When the California legislature voted to put Proposition 14 on the ballot this June, it crafted a summary of the initiative which will also appear on the ballot, that accurately described what its effect would be if passed. Opponents of the measure have now gone to court to try to change the summary to frighten voters with misleading statements such as, “Eliminates political parties’ rights to be on the general election ballot.” If they have their way, a measure that expands the rights of voters – most especially the state’s three million independent voters – will be reframed as one that eliminates the rights of parties. Since an overwhelming majority of Americans are angry about partisan gridlock, now is not the time to protect political parties at the expense of the voters. The people of California deserve an honest representation of Proposition 14. Let’s hope the court looks out for them.”
The California School Employees Association has sued the Secretary of State (presumably on behalf of the California State Legislature) to change the ballot wording. Read more at California Independent Voter Network.

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