Mar 16, 2010

PA: Green "Faces Off" on the Issue of Palin Presidential Candidacy

From the Wayne Independent's Face Off feature:
"Would Sarah Palin be a viable candidate for US President?" . . . "NO" By SKIP MENDLER
Sebastian “Skip” Mender, of Honesdale, is the president of the Wayne County Green Party.
Some wag  once observed, "The great thing about America is practically anyone can become President - and the problem with America is practically anyone can become President."  I'm not an elitist -  I do not agree with those who think that all Presidents must come from aristocracy, or that the working classes are incapable of producing great leaders. I do not even agree with the assertion that all beauty pageant contestants are ipso facto airheads.  No, I judge Sarah Palin unqualified to be President strictly based on her own unique personal merits. We have contradictory expectations of our Presidents . . . 
She has not shown the least bit of interest in crafting compromise or consensus, or for that matter original thoughts, when divisive soundbites are ever so much more effective.  She may excite her followers, and drive her opponents nuts – but such talent is insufficient for success with the daily realities of governing. Those who think that Palin's election would herald some kind of conservative watershed moment would do well to reflect that progressives thought the very same thing about Obama not so long ago. Our problems are systemic – and merely changing the party in power is not going to solve them.

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