Mar 27, 2010

TX: Uphill Battle for Ballot Access for Independent Candidate for Congress

From the Herald Zeitung:
Eddie Traylor was out walking the streets downtown Thursday, shaking hands and trying to earn support from residents, as is custom for any campaigning politician.  The difference is that Traylor isn’t doing it simply to win votes.  He needs their signatures or his name won’t be on the November ballot.  Traylor is an independent candidate for the District 21 seat in the U.S. House of Representatives.  As he’s not affiliated with either the Republicans, Democrats or third-party Libertarians — he’s on his own.  And in Texas, that means he has to gather hundreds of signatures just so he can participate in the election.  “You can do it,” said Traylor, “but it’s a job, that’s for sure.”

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Anonymous said...

He needs 500 valid signatures.