Mar 29, 2010

Why is Ralph Nader Opposing California Open Primary Proposition 14?

"It's particularly disturbing that at a moment when millions of independents are knocking at the door of an electoral process from which they are excluded, Ralph Nader and the third party movement would want to slam it shut." (From independent attorney Harry Kresky in Sunday's Sac Bee)

What was Ralph Nader thinking? The sometime Green/ sometime independent Presidential candidate who garners less than a percentage point of the vote in 2000, 2004 and 2008 now wants to Stop the Top Two, the popular open primary initiative that will be on the ballot in California June 8.... Thanks to IPR for the heads up about Ralph.

  • Viewpoints: Should state adopt an open primary? Yes -- It would help third parties thrive where they now flunk ((By Harry Kresky, Special to The Bee)

  • Viewpoints: Should state adopt an open primary? No -- It would hurt the GOP and reward mushy candidates (By Shawn Steel, Special to The Bee)

  • Redistricting commission and open primary could end the bickering (THE DESERT SUN EDITORIAL BOARD)

  • Open Primary Debate (B.J. Hansen, My MotherLode)

  • Maybe We Should End Primary Elections (Bob Schieffer, CBS News) Response to Phil Keisling's oped in NYTimes Get Rid of Partisans

  • To Reduce Partisanship, Get Rid of Partisans (By PHIL KEISLING, NY Times)

  • Altered Consciousness: Tackling political partisanship by its roots (By Rick Alterbaum, The Brandeis Hoot - Brandeis University) Supports Louisiana style open primary

  • For more news for independents, see The Hankster


    Mame McQueen said...

    "What Was Ralph Nader Thinking?" Why, that's a book by his campaign filmmaker, Jurgen Vsych!

    Nancy Hanks said...

    Interesting! Thanks for the tip!!