Apr 16, 2010

FL: Rumors Continue to Circulate that Crist May Run as Independent

From the Miami Herald:
With a stroke of his veto pen, Gov. Charlie Crist declared his independence from Republican policy and politicians Thursday and set the stage for a go-for-broke independent run for the U.S. Senate. For Crist, such a defiant strategy would complete his political evolution. He called himself a ``Jeb Bush Republican'' when he ran for governor in 2006, and has governed as a nonideological populist.
Update: Correction, despite earlier headline, Christ has not yet declared his candidacy for any race. 


paulie said...


Stephen Collings said...

Remember, God is not a Democrat or a Republican.

d.eris said...

lol! Corrected. It's good to see that folks are reading.

Dunno what that slip implies, precisely, in a Freudian sense.