Apr 20, 2010

WA: Independent to Challenge Ruling Parties in Race for State Legislature

From the West Seattle Herald:

Four candidates are running for State Representative from the 34th Legislative District, Position 2. They are Democrats Michael Heavey, Joe Fitzgibbon, Marcee Stone, and Independent Geoffrey “Mac” McElroy. Independent candidate Geoffrey “Mac” McElroy believes the Democratic Party is too entrenched in the 34th District and does not offer its constituents enough options.

“The Democrats here are very open minded, as long as you have a ‘D’ behind your name,” said McElroy, 46, an Arbor Heights resident who owns Mac’s Triangle Pub at the corner of Delridge and Roxbury in the heart of White Center. McElroy earned his UW Masters Degree in business administration, then spent 10 years in the Navy and served in Desert Storm and Desert Shield. He was involved in anti-submarine warfare, and was a Naval instructor for three years. His daughter recently graduated from the United States Naval Academy. At Byrne Specialty Gases he worked his way up from floor-sweeper to operations manager.

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MacMcElroy said...

Thank you for picking me up on your blog. Please contact me using my username-link to my website if you would like any more information.
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