Jul 31, 2010

IL: Republican Kirk Quietly Begins Campaign to Exclude Green LeAlan Jones from All Debates

From Chicago Now:

It is unfair and unacceptable that Republican Congressman and Illinois Republican Party nominee for United States Senator for Illinois Mark Kirk excluded LeAlan Jones, a Black, and Green Party candidate for U.S. Senate from his recent proposals for U.S. Senate debates across the state. LeAlan Jones and The Green Party have rightfully earned official ballot status, and recently polled at more than 10% in an NBC poll on the Illinois U.S. Senate candidates. As I look at these proposed sponsors of these proposed debates, they need to all be publicly challenged not to consider hosting any debate and call it fair that does not include the U.S. Senate nominee of The Green Party LeAlan Jones.

From the signing of petitions, to the casting of ballots at the polls, Illinois voters have made it clear that they want an alternative candidate on the ballot in The Green Party nominee LeAlan Jones and Congressman Kirk cannot be allowed to disenfachise voters choice in more than just Kirk and Alexi Giannoulius to choose from in November.

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