Jul 28, 2010

PA-15: Towne Campaign Cuts Ties with Controversial Band, Calls on "Republocrats" to Stop Playing Games

From the Jake Towne campaign:

Following an interview with Bobby Gunther Walsh to “do my homework,” personal remarks made by Poker Face band members in the Forum section of their website were reviewed and found to be extremely disturbing, specifically remarks about the Holocaust. These remarks were confirmed with the band and the campaign and band mutually agreed to disassociate and cancel the band’s appearance at this Friday’s Freedom Concert, which will take place at 7 pm this Friday in Northampton.

I condemn the holocaust and the deaths of ~6 million Jews as well as other groups such as Russians POWs, political prisoners and gypsies who died as well. In my travels abroad, I’ve walked through Nazi concentration camps, the Killing Fields in Cambodia, the Nanjing Massacre Museum in China and places all over Asia where the Japanese committed WW2 atrocities, and these experiences has affected me deeply.
. . .

the chief “issue” Callahan and Dent are discussing in the papers is whether Callahan’s brother-in-law received favorable treatment during a 2007 car crash. I call upon these Republocrat career politicians to stop playing their “politics-as-usual” games and make themselves available to the public to debate and focus on the crucial issues like the deficit, unemployment and the costly nation-building wars abroad.
See also the Morning Call and PA2010.

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