Aug 18, 2010

AZ: Massive Surge in Independent Voters, More than Double that of All Other Parties Combined

From ABC15:
According to [Arizona] Secretary of State Ken Bennett, by the end of July, the state had 3,102,876 registered voters. . . .  The Republican Party added more than 10,000 voters since the Special Election on May 18th. The Libertarian Party added 137 voters and the Green Party added 240. The Democratic Party saw a drop in registered voters, with 500 people leaving the party. The Independent Party saw the largest gain in registered voters. It grew by 25,674 members, all of whom are able to vote in the primary election.
Update: As an anonymous commenter points out, there is apparently no "Independent Party" in Arizona.  The news report excerpted above should likely have said that independent or unaffiliated voters surged in the state, not that affiliation with the "Independent Party" did so.  


Anonymous said...

There is no such party in Arizona as the independent party. The news story made a style error when it attached the word "party" to data about independent voters.

ThirdPartyDaily said...

Thanks Anon. Corrected.