Aug 6, 2010

CA: Lussenheide Calls for Protest and Boycott of Exclusive Debates

From the Constitution Party Discussion forum:

A Debate on Debates
By Bill Lussenheide
Candidate US Congress CA-45

A growing trend in electoral debates has been the practice of excluding ballot-qualified candidates through a variety of arbitrary mechanisms.

Lets explore some of the reasons that are given to exclude ballot nominated candidates from the rights of the electorate. After all, the ideals of democracy are for the electorate to have the information to make educated decisions in a fair and open market place of ideas. . . .

Friends, lets be honest here… Debates around the country today have devolved to managed events that assume that you are too dumb to make honest evaluations, and that someone other than YOU needs to “cut the list down” for your benefit. What an offense to your intelligence and to your freedom of electoral choice.

Events that are held in nonpublic settings, or without audiences are now emerging as well. This is to manage any potential audience reactions that may sway public opinion.

In light of the manipulated direction that so called “debates” have become, it is my personal policy to boycott any and all debates that are not held publicly, and that exclude any ballot nominated candidate from any party. Defend the democratic process and act likewise in boycotting these non-American events.

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