Aug 31, 2010

California Green Party: Prop. 8 ruling freezing marriage equality until Winter is a Mistake

On The Wilder Side:

The Green Party of California called an appeal court’s decision to hold up same-sex marriages until at least December so the 9th Circuit can rule on the constitutionality of Prop. 8, a mistake, and another attack on the rights of a discriminated class of citizens.

The decision Monday froze same-sex marriages, which were due to resume Wednesday after U.S. District Judge Vaughn R. Walker’s historic overturning of voter-approved Prop. 8 on Aug. 4. Upon examination of the claims of the defense, Judge Walker could find no credible evidence or argument that could hold up under empirical scrutiny.

Now, the 9th Circuit will hear the case in early December – and the ruling may not be made for months, according to court observers, with the prospect of the losing side appealing to the U.S. Supreme Court.

“Rather than allowing LGBTs to again enjoy what had unconstitutionally been taken from them, the Court adopted the most conservative route, and has prolonged the agony,” said Shane Que Hee, GPCA Platform Committee chair.

He went on to predict that same-sex marriage would become the law of land in California, noting “same-sex marriage will eventually win out because it ensures full equality.”

Unlike the largest political parties, whose candidates have flip-flopped on the issue, or just opposed same-sex marriage, the Green Party of California has always supported it in practice and in the party’s platform.

Judge Walker’s Aug. 4 ruling mirrors the goals and social philosophy of the Green Party of California, not only for the civil rights of our LGBT members but for everyone. Greens, as proponents of social justice, support equal representation under the law for everyone, and oppose social bigotry and intolerance, no matter how well funded or intimidating, Greens said.

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