Aug 8, 2010

A Center-Right Analysis of the Modern Whig Party

From Notes from the Cab:
In the endeavor to explore viable third parties (if there is such a thing) I have been been checking out the Modern Whig Party. They recently have merged with the American Centrist Party of which I was at one time a member. . . . I have always been a hawk on security and usually stood on the middle ground of most domestic/social issues but now find myself moving rightward. That being said let us explore the stance of the Modern Whig Party on various issues. . . . . .

[Conclusion:] All in all the Modern Whig Party appears to be a slightly right of center political party which would be be able to accommodate those that stand left of center. It is somewhat weak on some issues and fairly strong on others. It appears that this party wants to avoid extremism which can be smart when most issues are considered.

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