Aug 16, 2010

GA: Is Libertarian John Monds Polling 20% Support? Three Cases of Pollster Bias against Third Party Candidates

From Jack Wagner at the Free Independent Sun, via SWGA Politics:
I noticed something quite disturbing when studying recent polling for elections around the country. Rasmussen Reports will include upwards of 6 or 7 candidates in the Democrat and Republican Primaries, sometimes with candidates that only receive 1% of the vote, yet when it comes to the General Election they will only include the two Democrat-Republican candidates despite there being sometime upwards of 3 or 4 other candidates from Third Party Nominations or Independent Nominations. This case is most present and most dangerous in a particular Governor’s election in Georgia, where the African-American Libertarian Candidate John Monds is left out of General Election polls despite having won 33.4% in a statewide election in 2008, and apparently the most likely winner of the 15- 20% of unaccounted votes in Rasmussen Polls.

The Following Images Reveal Irregularities in Rasmussen, and Mainstream, Polling Practices that have an obvious impact on the outcome of Elections and the ability for Third-Party and Independent Candidates to gain support and exposure . . .

The piece goes on to document, in three particular cases, the well known fact that polling organizations show a demonstrable bias against third party and independent candidates. It concludes:

This does Two Major things:

  1. This influences elections in favor of Democrat-Republican candidates, in effect, subverting the Democratic Process. This Polling Technique undermines candidates that challenge the Democrat-Republican monopoly on Government, and reinforces the false dogma that only Democrat and Republican candidates can win. In conjunction with unbalanced ballot-registration laws, closed debates and the lack of Instant Run-Off voting, have effectively brought our “democratic system” in par with that of the U.S.S.R. or Communist China.
  2. It makes the poll invalid. This poll is not legit, because it is weighed in favor of specific candidates. It is not a scientific evaluation of public opinion, because it manipulates reaction by supplementing “other” for specific candidates names, and irregularly including and excluding candidates based on level of support; all in favor of the two-establishment parties. Rasmussen Reports are a fraud. They are not scientific polls, but instead are propaganda for special interests. Whether the organization is instructed or influenced into conducting its polls in this fashion, or do so on their own accord, these “Reports” are used to maintain exclusive power over government by two partner-private groups.

What You Can Do

Write and Call Rasmussen Reports and Demand that John Monds, LeAlan Jones and Tom Clements be Named in future Polls.

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