Aug 24, 2010

GA: Online Nazi Community Demonstrates Longtime Support for Republican Gubernatorial Candidate

From a post at Poli-Tea on an ongoing flap between Republican and Libertarian activists in Georgia:
Though it does not follow from [the Libertarian] Bittner's comment that "Nathan Deal and everyone associated with the Georgia Republican Party are white supremacist Naizs because they’re against illegal immigration," as the Republican pundit alleges, in the present context it is worth noting that white supremacists and Nazis do support Republican gubernatorial candidate Nathan Deal because he is against illegal immigration. If, as I've documented before, the Communist Party and Communist Party front groups support the Democrats, does not a "fair and balanced" assessment of the major parties demand investigation of Nazi support for Republicans? A search of the web forum Stormfront demonstrates longtime support for Republican Nathan Deal in the white supremacist and Nazi community . . .
Read the whole thing.

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