Aug 13, 2010

ID: Charity Group Endangers Its Own Non-Profit Status with Democrat-Republican Campaign Event

From the Idaho Statesman:
Catholic Charities of Idaho has called off a roast of the major candidates for governor and the 1st District House seat because of what it called a threat from independent gubernatorial candidate Jana Kemp. Kemp said the popular annual "Loaves and Fishes" fundraiser, is a "prohibited activity" for a non-profit. The group, which provides social services to people of all religions, said it would postpone the Sept. 10 fundraiser until it can resolve the issue.

"As my team reads the code, you all seem to be placing yourselves in a position of losing your nonprofit status, which was just gained in 2000," Kemp said in an e-mail, obtained by the Idaho Statesman.  "All I did was ask a question. I made no threat," Kemp said in an interview Wednesday.

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