Aug 30, 2010

IL: At Least Seven Libertarian Candidates on Ballot

From Pontiac Community News:

The Libertarian Party of Illinois (“LP Illinois”) proudly announces that our state-wide slate of candidates will be on the ballot for this November’s election.  By a unanimous vote last week, the Illinois State Board of Elections determined that LP Illinois has a sufficient number of valid petition signatures and as a result will be able to compete for votes this fall.
“This vindicates our efforts in this process,” said Lupe Diaz, State Chair of LP Illinois.  “We played by the rules, withstood the challenges, and now we can focus on offering the right alternative to voters,” added Diaz.
Earlier this month, members of LP Illinois defended our petitions against a series of challenges during an eight day line by line review in Springfield.  At the end of the review, LP Illinois had over 33,000 valid signatures, 8,000 more than the minimum required for new parties and independent candidates.
Our candidates are:
Mike Labno                       U.S. Senate
Lex Green                         Governor
Ed Rutledge                      Lt. Governor
Josh Hanson                    Secretary of State
Bill Malan                           Attorney General
Julie Fox                            Comptroller
James Pauly                     Treasurer
Now that we have secured our places on the ballot, we invite the public and the media to meet our candidates.

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