Aug 23, 2010

IL: Whitney Campaigns Against Corporate Personhood

A press release from Green candidate for governor of Illinois, Rich Whitney, published at IPR:
Carbondale, IL—Green Party gubernatorial candidate Rich Whitney will hold two events this Monday, August 23rd, with representatives from the organization Move to Amend in Springfield. Move to Amend is a consortium of over fifty organizations that are rallying against the creation of the classification of corporate personhood. . . .“I am delighted to be able to participate in these two events with the Monahan brothers” Mr. Whitney explained. “This presents a great opportunity for my campaign to highlight the fact that we don’t accept corporate campaign contributions in any form. This is especially timely given the recent attention on the issues facing Illinois politics that were highlighted by the Rod Blagojevich trial. Move to Amend is helping to shed light on the dangers of too much corporate power in the political arena and I am happy to be able to hold these two events with them.”

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