Aug 19, 2010

ME: Cutler Outlines Healthcare Policy

From Independent candidate for governor of Maine, Eliot Cutler:
To ensure that Mainers receive the most effective and highest quality care at a cost we can afford, the Cutler Administration will:
  1. Align economic and program incentives to identify and reward high quality—not high volume—care.
  2. Use State financial leverage to support efficient, high quality health care arrangements. The State is a direct purchaser of more than one-third of all Maine health care services, delivered through the mechanisms of MaineCare and via insurance coverage of public sector employees. These public dollars represent an enormous opportunity to advance state-wide delivery and financing reform that will benefit all Mainers.    
  3. Assure that any savings derived from organizational and payment reforms are passed on to all Mainers in the form of premium reductions and expanded access.

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