Aug 28, 2010

ME: Is Honesty Really a Barrier to Electoral Success?

From an Op-Ed by George Smith at Maine's Morning Sentinel:
it was no surprise when Republicans sharply criticized Independent gubernatorial candidate Eliot Cutler for comments indicating a tax cut in the next two years for Maine’s hard-pressed citizens is unrealistic.

Cutler is right, but perhaps politically unwise, to be offering such frank statements in a political campaign when most people want to hear a more hopeful message, no matter how unrealistic. . . .

I contacted Cutler to find out what he was really saying and thinking and found his reasoning hard to refute. . . .

One fact is undeniable, and Cutler mentioned it in our conversation. Without significant economic growth, Maine will continue to founder, chasing unrealistic promises and suffering the consequences.

Cutler may never be governor — his candor is a real barrier to electoral success — but he’s doing us a favor — and raising the level of debate in this election — by talking the truth. I expect he will continue to be punished for it.

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