Aug 28, 2010

NC: Judge Supports Democrat-Republican Hostage Situation on Ballot

From Brian Irving at Nolan Chart:

A U.S. District Court has upheld the North Carolina election law setting the signature requirements for an independent candidate to get on the ballot for the U.S. House. Judge Graham C. Mullen denied a request for summary judgment by Bryan Greene, who sought to have the statute ruled unconstitutional.
Greene argued that requiring an independent candidate to collect signatures from four percent of the registered voters in the district is unduly restrictive and discriminates against independent candidates because the number of signatures need varies from district to district.


Cody said...

Hope you have permission to publish this article- the LVRJ is suing ANYBODY that posts any sentence of their articles anywhere.

Anonymous said...

[a] old news, weeks old

[b] more Righthaven than LVRV

[c] they donot publish, but have a multi state list of publishing rights that they go after. Sic em on me, I'll stand up to the thugs in court, I'll not fold like a cheap futon! Google 'Righthaven'