Aug 7, 2010

VA: Independent Green Challenges Two Former Governors in Senate Race

From The News Virginian:

Third-party candidacies are almost always difficult, but they are especially so when you are running for the U.S. Senate in Virginia against two former governors, Mark Warner and Jim Gilmore.

Yet Gail Parker, of Alexandria, the independent Green Party candidate, thinks she offers the most practical choice in November.

“I’m a budget analyst and we can’t keep sending millionaires and lawyers to Congress to represent the interests and values for the rest of us,” said Parker, 62, a Central Michigan University graduate who worked in intelligence with the Air Force and spent two decades as a Defense Department budget analyst.

Parker wants to see construction of high-speed rail for a more vibrant economy and a balanced budget. She said the Congressional consideration of a $700 billion bailout of troubled financial banks and institutions is “welfare for Wall Street.”

“This will require us to increase the debt ceiling for the sixth time since 2001,” said Parker, who wants to balance the federal budget and pay off the debt.
The article goes on to point out that the Democrat and Republican in the race are colluding to exclude Parker from any and all candidate debates and forums.  Apparently, they are afraid of political competition.   

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