Sep 2, 2010

AZ: Libertarian Barry Hess calls for "paring down government" in gubernatorial debate

From AZ Central:

Hess, a currency trader from Glendale, has sought to win public office for years. Over the past decade, he has run for governor and senator, and even sought the Libertarian Party's nomination for president in 2002.
On Wednesday, he clearly articulated the differences between himself and his opponents, occasionally providing some levity with well-crafted lines. He sought to separate himself from the two-party structure by saying his focus would be on paring down government.
"You can see the political division between the Republicans and Democrats is pretty obvious," Hess said. "They all promise out-of-the-box thinking, but like Janet Napolitano, all we end up with is a bigger box." Later, he added, "I am the governor who will represent you."
See Barry Hess for Governor.

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