Sep 25, 2010

Boston Herald Headlines "Tim Cahill Camp Shocker": Shocking Innuendo or Shocking Ignorance?

An article entitled "Tim Cahill Camp Shocker" in the Boston Herald reports that a top strategist has resigned from the Cahill campaign:

Treasurer Tim Cahill’s floundering gubernatorial bid suffered another huge blow last night when his top strategist quit, saying the independent candidate’s reluctance to attack his rivals has cost him the election and now is hurting Republican Charlie Baker’s chances.

“We have to deal with reality as it is and not the way it ought to be,” said John Weaver, a national GOP powerbroker. “I would prefer Tim Cahill be the next governor. That’s not going to happen.”
Many will recall that it became uncouth to refer to tea party activists as "tea baggers" once the definition of the latter slang term became more widely known. But what about "shocker"? 

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