Sep 27, 2010

CA: Media Breakthrough for Chelene Nightingale

From Constitution Party News:
The John and Ken Show on KFI AM 640 radio in Los Angeles is the top "local" radio talk show in America and is, by far, the most politically influential radio program in California. It airs weekdays during drive time, from 3-7PM, in Southern California and is syndicated throughout California. The John and Ken Show has had a dramatic impact on elections in California over the years, including (to their ultimate dismay) being a major factor in the election of Arnold Schwarzenegger when he first ran several years ago.

The outspoken positions of John and Ken on illegal immigration, California's economy and many other critical issues are right down the line with those of Chelene Nightingale. John and Ken Show listeners would, no doubt, be extremely receptive to Chelene Nightingale's "We the People" message. While John and Ken have expressed extreme disappointment with the positions on the issues propounded by the "elephant," Meg Whitman and the "donkey," Jerry Brown, they had been reluctant to allow Chelene Nightingale to be a guest on their program because they generally (though there have been notable exceptions) don't take so-called "3rd Party" candidates seriously. Well, apparently because of their deepening disdain for the choices offered by the above mentioned "major party" candidates for Governor of California, they have changed their minds and have decided to invite Chelene Nightingale to be on their show next Tuesday afternoon!

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