Sep 28, 2010

CT: Green Deshefy Blasts Democrat and Republican Rivals of Benefiting from "Legalized Bribery"

From a Green Party press release:
Green Party Candidate For The Second Congressional District, Scott Deshefy Said Today That Congressman Joe Courtney And The G.O.P. s Janet Peckinpaugh Are Supporting "Legalized Bribery" With The Current Big Money In Politics System.

Deshefy said "The corporate money and special interests that have bought and paid for the Democrat and Republicans Party are bribing politicians, but legally, in a broken system that neither corporate party wants to reform.

Citing the non partisan "", Deshefy points to a career $2 million Political action committee (PAC) donations accepted by Courtney in just four years. Deshefy said "General Dynamics, Real estate, finical interest and huge lobbying interests all want some thing for their big money to Courtney".

"Open Secret" also points to fundraiser after fundraiser for Courtney for $5,000 a plate" Deshefy said. He added "Who can give $5,000 to a Congressman and not want something back? Not the average Second District voter, but people from out of the state in New York, Texas and California who want to bribe Courtney legally "

Deshefy called for "Clean Elections" or public financing of Congressional races. He added "All issues pale in comparison to this, because we can not have fair discussion and debate, when the races have special interests paying for them.

Deshefy call the G.O.P. s Janet Peckinpaugh "clueless on the money issues of campaigns". He added "She is asking for millions from out of state donors and does not back "Clean Elections", unlike her Republican Governor Jodi Rell. Peckinpaugh wants the broken money system to go on, just bribing the G.O.P. side!"

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