Sep 3, 2010

The Democratic-Republican Party's War Against the People of the United States: the Police State and the Surveillance Society

From TocqueDeville at Docudharma:

There is no other way to put it. We are under attack. They are looting the people's real wealth. They are sabotaging our environment and looting our resources. They have engaged in information warfare to manipulate public opinion. They are setting up a mass surveillance state using telecommunications technology and the internet. They have even taken over our most sacred democratic instrument: the ballot box.

The Democratic party is complicit in all of this. They are now implementing so-called austerity measures in the US that the IMF and World Bank have been imposing on poor third world countries for decades. They have manuals for how to deal with the aftermath of austerity measures. It involves a massive police state. Mass cages. Mass propaganda. But it can't happen here? Please. It is all around you. The public (now there's a quaint word) coffers are being bled dry. They will not stop until we are a fully corporate controlled state.

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