Sep 17, 2010

FL: Crist Will Be Placed in 9th Spot on November Ballot

From the Palm Beach Post News:

While Rubio and Democratic candidate Kendrick Meek occupy the top two spots on the ballot, the governor's name is No. 9 on the list of 10 Senate candidates. Even Libertarian Party candidate Alexander Andrew Snitker and Constitutional Party of Florida candidate Bernie DeCastro get better billing. Crist's name appears at the tail end of so-called NPA (no party affiliation) candidates, stuck between such no names as Rick Tyler, of Pensacola, and Lewis J. Armstrong, of Jacksonville.

"It's bad news for him," said Jennifer Steen, an assistant professor of political science at Arizona State University. A study she did in 2004 showed that the closer to the top candidates' names appear on the ballot, the more votes they get.

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