Sep 27, 2010

Four former County Commissioners throw support to Janine Hansen

“As former Elko County Commissioners all of us, Nolan Lloyd, Tony Lesperance, Royce Hackworth and myself Brad Roberts, are supporting Janine Hansen for Assembly 33.  She is a proven conservative we can trust.  Elko now has the most liberal County Commission in history.  Elko County has been plunged into debt---some $20,000,000! John Ellison has been a big part of voting for that unprecedented spending,” stated Brad Roberts former Elko County Commissioner.

“That’s why we are endorsing Janine Hansen.  She was named ‘Conservative of the Year’ in 2010 for her lifetime of work at the Legislature.  She has attended every legislative session since 1971, campaigning for lower taxes, family values and other issues important to us all. She has a proven record we can count on,” continued Roberts.

“I have known Janine Hansen for many years.  She has never wavered from being a fiscal conservative and she is fiscally responsible. She has great respect for the taxpayer.  These are qualities we are going to need in the upcoming budget session,” stated Tony Lesperance former Elko County Commissioner.

“I don’t want an Assemblyman representing me whose idea of fiscal responsibility was to put me the taxpayer $20 million dollars in debt without giving me the opportunity to vote on it.  What is worse is that the $20 million bond will take 20 years to pay off. It will take 5 commissioner terms to pay for the debt. That is not responsible government. Janine Hansen has been a true conservative and believes in accountability to the taxpayer. These are the qualities we need in an Assemblyman we send to Carson City during the state budget crisis,” stated Royce Hackworth former Elko County Commissioner.

“As one that supports conservative values I support Janine Hansen.  Having served with Mr. Ellison on the Elko County Commission I am concerned that he does not represent these same values,” stated Nolan Lloyd former Elko County Commissioner.

“With nearly 18 years in public office John Ellison could be called a career politician. We are all aware that the State of Nevada has a serious budget shortfall.  With Ellison’s record on spending, as a member of the Elko County Commission, we have serious concerns about him representingDistrict 33 in Carson City,” concluded Brad Roberts.

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Anonymous said...

Does this sound like democratic bull or progressive lines. This is one dirty campaign and the American People are not stupid. Do research on Mr. Roberts or the others who couldn't hold a office for more than 1 term. Check Janine Hansen records and you will know the truth.