Sep 18, 2010

IL: Multi-Partisan Debates Likely in Gubernatorial Race if Green, Independent and Libertarian Candidates Surpass Polling Threshold

From, via reader Dominik:

[The League of Women Voters], along with Chicago's WLS-TV, is sponsoring an Oct. 20 debate that could feature other candidates, such as the Green Party's Rich Whitney, if they have 10 percent support in an independent poll.

Downstate, the three candidates have verbally committed to an Oct. 14 debate, said Jak Tichenor, senior producer at WSIU-TV, the public broadcasting station in Carbondale. Other candidates for governor, such as independent Scott Lee Cohen and the Libertarian Party's Lex Green, will need 5 percent support in the polls to get in the debate. The debate will be broadcast on TV and radio.

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