Sep 23, 2010

MA: Jill Stein in Fundraising Race for Matching Funds

From Green Party Watch:
The Massachusetts Green-Rainbow Party’s Jill Stein for Governor campaign is racing to raise $125,000 by Friday 9/24 in order to qualify for 1-1 public matching funds. Jill Stein supporters have created a viral facebook event called “Clean Money Tidal Wave for Jill Stein” and are asking Greens and progressives across the country to donate and invite their friends. As of Thursday at 12 PM, the Jill Stein campaign has $96,162 in qualifying contributions towards the $125,000 goal. That means Stein needs $28,838 in contributions of $250 or less by 3 PM EST on Friday to qualify for at least $125,000 in matching public funds.

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