Sep 13, 2010

OH: Libertarian Gubernatorial Candidate Ken Matesz Proposes Elimination of State Income Tax in Budget Plan

A press release from the Ohio Libertarian Party, sent to TPID via email:
With the Ohio Statehouse as his backdrop, Libertarian Governor candidate Ken Matesz today delivered a comprehensive budget plan for the state of Ohio. Included in the plan are elimination of the state income tax saving Ohio taxpayers $7 billion annually, a reduction and freeze on above average state employee pay, and the introduction of choice in the state school system.

“Republicans and Democrats got us into this mess, but they don’t know how to get us out of it except by raising taxes or fees or by borrowing from our grandchildren,” Matesz stated. “The truth is a Governor cannot create private sector jobs. Big government does not add to the prosperity of a state- it consumes it. As Ohio’s next Governor, my primary mission will not be to “create jobs” or to promise tax cuts 10 years from now… it is simply to get the government out of the way.”

Matesz also promised to immediately eliminate the state income tax, and veto any budget from the General Assembly that did not include a zero income tax. Also included in this promise was the promise to resign if he did not keep this promise.

“Serious problems call for serious candidates. The Matesz campaign and the Ohio Libertarian Party are ready to step-up to the challenge with a detailed plan that eliminates the deficit while cutting taxes. The other major party candidates are unprepared to tell you their plans because they have none" said Libertarian Party Chairman Kevin Knedler.

“I offer Ohio real solutions and a commitment to making tough choices that will lead us back to prosperity, greater freedom, and much smaller state government,” Matesz proclaimed. “According to a recent Columbus Dispatch poll, 97% of Ohioans want a detailed budget proposal from the candidates for Governor. Today Ohio’s wish is fulfilled.”

To read more about the Matesz budget plan visit for a full summary and the detailed line-item budget.

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