Sep 25, 2010

PA-15: Jake Towne purged from debate to which he had already been invited

From Jake Towne:

The Morning Call devoted a half page elaborating why they are barring my campaign from their debate.   The article did not address 1) why the Morning Call first offered myself an invite which I accepted back in June, then rescinded this offer and 2) the deficiencies in the poll, which are highlighted here.
While I do respect an organization’s ability to invite or not invite candidates to their events, it is saddening to see this in a “free” press.  However, it is important to remember that regardless of the skewed poll, what is apparent is the campaign has a lot more work to do to get the message out.   I was invited by the Morning Call to take part in a live internet chat event next month, which I of course agreed to.  There is a debate on Friday in Allentown, feel free to come out and attend!!

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