Oct 16, 2010

CO-Gov: Marijuana Legalization Group Blasts Prohibitionist Democrats, Endorses Constitution Party Candidate Tom Tancredo

From the Colorado Springs Gazette:

Gubernatorial frontrunner John Hickenlooper, now Denver’s mayor, has most Democrats enthralled, but marijuana advocates are calling for his defeat.

SAFER, which wants full legalization of marijuana, is backing American Constitution party candidate Tom Tancredo in the race for his pro-legalization stance.

"Mayor Hickenlooper owes Colorado voters an explanation," SAFER’s Mason Tvert said in a news release. "In the five years since his city became the first in the nation to remove all penalties for adult marijuana possession he has yet to explain why it was okay for him to make a fortune selling alcohol, yet it should be a crime for adults to use a far safer substance instead.”

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