Oct 22, 2010

CO-Gov: Progressives Debate Import of Tancredo's Third Party Candidacy

From Political Chili:
Over at The Huffington Post, liberal blogger Jessica Corry is making “The Liberal Case for Tom Tancredo.”  According to Corry, Tancredo’s victory “could mean a handful of policy goodies long championed by liberal progressives.”  She believes that Tancredo’s “strong libertarian foundation…when communicated the right way, is both moderate and pragmatic.” . . .

Let’s review the data we have on the Constitution Party and Tom Tancredo.  A “liberal progressive” vote for Tom Tancredo may not be such a wise move. Chip Berlet, a senior researcher at Political Research Associates (see its PublicEye.org magazine), wrote in September 2008 that “the U.S. Constitution Party would impose a form of theocratic neo-fascism in the United States.”

According to the Constitution Party’s political platform, “‘The mission of the Constitution Party…is to restore American jurisprudence to its original Biblical common-law foundations.’”  The party’s preamble states that America was founded by “Christians…[and] the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

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