Oct 21, 2010

CT: Democrat and Republican Arrogance on Full Display in Dismissal of Independent Challengers

From CT News Junky:
A candidate for state representative in Mansfield, a town that houses thousands of college students as well as local residents, told the two college students running for the seat that they didn’t belong on stage with him and his Democratic opponent.. . .

Christopher Paulhus, the endorsed Republican candidate for state representative in the 54th House District and a member of Mansfield’s Town Council, felt the student representation among the candidates paled in comparison to his experience and the experience of Democratic candidate and Mansfield Deputy Mayor Gregory Haddad. “I think there are really only two candidates here,” he said. “Me and Greg. We’ve both been on the Town Council for a while.”

“It’s upsetting to hear that I shouldn’t be on the stage,” said Brien Buckman, UConn student and Independent candidate. “I think it should be noted that I’m not part of the current system because we need new ideas.”

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