Oct 27, 2010

CT: Green Candidate for House "Swings from the Hip"

From the Bristol Press:
Ken Krayeske, the 38-year-old Green Party congressional contender, one of four people seeking the 1st Congressional District seat, relishes the opportunity to challenge the conventional wisdom.  At a debate this week, for example, he got tossed what for most politicians would be a softball on whether to move ahead with the proposed Coltsville National Park that would bring jobs, tourists and recognition to Hartford. Swinging from the hip, Krayeske fired back that he opposes “building a museum that honors genocide” and pointed out that Elizabeth Colt’s five children all died before her. He said she considered it a curse for having made guns that led to so many deaths over decades. Krayeske said he would rather see other Hartford factories singled out in a park to showcase the rise of American manufacturing. . .

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