Oct 13, 2010

FL-8: Tea Party, Independent and Whig Candidates Debate Alan Grayson, Republican Refuses to Participate in Debate with Independent and Third Party Challengers

From the Orlando Sentinel:
U.S. Rep. Alan Grayson, the firebrand Democrat fighting a conservative onslaught to boot him from office, sat next to an empty chair during the campaign's first debate Tuesday night. His Republican opponent, Dan Webster, didn't attend. . . .  Grayson shared the stage with Peg Dunmire of the Florida Tea Party; George Metcalfe, an independent; and Steven Gerritzen, a write-in candidate from the Whig Party.
Webster cited a scheduling conflict in not attending the debate sponsored by the Central Florida Urban League at the Citrus Bowl's Varsity Club. But his campaign has also made it clear that he won't debate unless the match-up includes only him and Grayson.
So Webster says he couldn't make it because of a scheduling conflict, but it turns out that even if there were no supposed conflict he still wouldn't have shown up because he thinks he is above an exchange of ideas with third party and independent candidates.  Professional political elitism at its worst.  

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