Oct 3, 2010

ID: Kemp's Independent Bid for Governor Sparked by GOP's Move Against Open Primaries

From Local News 8:
[Jana Kemp is] the only woman on the campaign trail, she's running against four other men. Two of those are Keith Allred and current Gov. Butch Otter. "There is a lot of talk going on but there is not proof of action that matches up with the talk,” said Kemp. Kemp said in the last several years, the Republican Party filed a lawsuit and that's when she said enough is enough. She didn't want to support a party that filed suit against the state."The lawsuit's focus is on closing the primaries. For me, that was the final straw. Not only because I don't believe in closed primaries, but it upset me that a political party would sue the state to have the political party’s needs met,” said Kemp.

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