Oct 30, 2010

Jeb Bush Sees Possibility of "an Independent Third Party Force," Says "There's No Denying It"

From the NYT Caucus Blog interview with Jeb Bush:
Q. People don’t like either party. What does that tell you about the opening for some independent third party force, whether it’s Mike Bloomberg [the New York City mayor] or somebody else. 
BUSH: I think it’s possible. There’s no denying it. The looming victories for Republican candidates next Tuesday is not a validation of the Republican Party at all. It’s a repudiation of this massive overreach by President Obama and his supporters in Congress.
Now, Republicans can take advantage of this if they’re in positions of responsibility and leadership. And if they don’t, if they kind of go back to the old way and just play the game, then Republicans can get spanked. It could create a middle ground. Or it could create a dismemberment of our political parties.

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